Welcome to the Getting Started Podcast!

As a Serial Hobby Jumper, I always seem to be “starting” something.  I LOVE the process of learning something new.  Early in 2014, I took an interest in learning how to produce a podcast and apply the podcasting platform to my “Day Jobs” (Superion Technology and Alorium Technology).  So, I thought I might start by creating a podcast focused on some of my personal interests and that taps into things I am naturally passionate about.

It occurred to me while deep in the single-track trails of Lowes Creek County Park  that many people are Getting Started with something.   Maybe it’s a new hobby, an exercise program, a new business…something!   And since I love the process of starting, I think that this could be a great place to learn what people are starting and how they are doing it.

And so the Getting Started Podcast idea was born.

Unfortunately, around that same time I had a very close friend going through a rough time, my father passed away, and the responsibilities of launching a new company were heavy. So, the podcast did not get much attention.  I got started again in November 2014, but it just would not stick.

In recent weeks, I have found a new passion for wanting to get things up and going again.  It’s never to late to get started….again.

Jason – 01/28/16

// Update – 12/31/16

Well so much for my refreshed passion of 01/16, eh?  Ha!  One episode published in all of 2016.  Oh well, it’s NEVER too late to get started again…again.

Happy New Year!