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02 – Tunes & Gear

02 – Tunes & Gear

In this episode I talk about some production and studio upgrades that I have made in the recent couple of weeks including:

  • New background music that I picked-up from
  • A Heil PR-40 microphone
  • An HD Webcam from Logitech

I spend a few minutes talking about my initial impressions of the microphone and share thoughts about the music I selected.

In addition, I share a short teaser regarding a new potential project to help someone else get their podcast up and going.


01 – Very First “Getting Started” Podcast

01 – Very First “Getting Started” Podcast

This is it, folks, the premiere release of the Getting Started Podcast, Episode 1!  In this episode, you will hear me talk about…

  • My initial experience and thoughts when pairing the Mackie ProFX8 mixer, M-Audio M-Track USB interface
  • My first ever Skype interview using a Mix-Minus setup

That’s right, just two topics.  But these two topics provide sufficient fodder to serve the purpose of this initial release.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!